About the Book

Genre: Historical Fiction and Travel

A modern family takes a summer road trip from Chicago to Los Angeles, traveling in a vintage 1957 Chevrolet and retracing Grandma’s 1957 Route 66 trip. History teacher Dad and architect Mom share their knowledge along the road. Humor is woven through the 2297 mile adventure. Some of Grandma’s favorites have vanished like ghosts while others are still shining or are new! Icons are viewed through the wide-eyed innocent of five year old Rose, the wise teen Gentry and playful Laudie,age ten. Dad is a corny jokester and Mom is the co-adventurer that helps make this trip hum.

Sixty-six power packed pages deliver a wealth of information about the Historic Route 66, the Main Street of America. Hand-drawn illustrations by Texas Tim Webb add to the fun and lively presentation.

About the Author

Phyllis Chandler Grey

Phyllis Chandler Grey traveled the original Route 66 many times in the 1950’s and 1960’s alongside her siblings in the back seat of the family car. Years later, as a photographer and travel writer, she retraced her childhood travels as often as possible doing this in segments as not to be rushed. “No two road trips were ever the same and they couldn’t be duplicated if you tried.” Phyllis has enjoyed her time in each of the Route 66 states and reminds us that this journey is many, many times more than the destination. “Where else can you find a living, ever-changing museum and fun ride that spans eight states?”

Route 66: In Search of Ghosts and Treasures!


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